Confused Yet?

***Fourth in a Series Highlighting the 116th Congressional session of federal overreaches in the name of education. Anti Fed Ed Warriors, over the years we’ve had quite a bit thrown at us in order to confuse us. No where does this seem to reoccur more than Congress. Especially at the CCSS Machine’s direction. During the … Continue reading Confused Yet?

“A-hunting We Will Go”

Anti Fed Ed Warriors, do you remember learning the old English children’s rhyme “A Hunting We Will Go?” It was a fun song to sing along to. Maybe you taught your children this song. I had forgotten the song until I saw an early January press release by the Committee on Education and Labor Republicans. (*Note: The U.S. House Committee … Continue reading “A-hunting We Will Go”

Will ‘They’ Live On?

As I’ve stated before, “There’s only ONE Savior in life and it’s NOT workforce based education!”

In The Meantime..

Short-sidedness is NOT an option for the anti global education Warrior OR the anti federally led education Warrior.

Educratic Money 2019

Warriors, the time I’m asking you to spend is more than likely the most important thing you can do for your country.


There’s only one Savior in life, and it ISN’T aligned workforce based education!

The Set-up: An In-Depth Report

Sure, all jobs and skills sound and look great, but our freedom is the intended price we’ll be sacrificing. How? Along with all the CCSS Machine workforce based education (which is WHAT CTE is) comes predetermined career tracks, NOT free choice.

Franchised Education

Charter school truths revealed in a recent hearing in DC should be a wake up call to parents.

CTE, ‘By Hook Or By Crook’

Congress is doing EVERYTHING possible by hook or by crook to mandate education into workforce development.

Blinded Leaders

Warriors, it’s time WE lead with open eyes and steadfast purpose!