Blinded Leaders

Warriors, it’s time WE lead with open eyes and steadfast purpose!


Education Used Against Us

Warriors, education is definitely becoming a weapon for conformity, not freedom.

Summit Masters, Unite

‘Old candidates’ in education reform don’t ‘die’, they recycle agenda!

Inadequacy Breeders

Digitally based competent 21st Century learners are being bred, not educated.

Summer Salad

How does our ‘educational garden’ grow? With ESSA reform and deception.

CCSS Machine’s Dangerous 3

Get the latest from the CCSS Machine and assessments alignment to ensure competent students.

Weekend News: CCSS Rumors Abound, at Least in NC

Warriors Against the Core, maybe you saw it this past week, and maybe you didn’t. What am I referring to? The news that NC had given Common Core the boot. I saw it surface on several anti CC Facebook pages where folks were expressing jealousy over the fact they wished their state would be so … Continue reading Weekend News: CCSS Rumors Abound, at Least in NC

WYBI: FEE’s CCSS ‘Opt Out’ Mocking

In today’s “Would You Believe It?” post I hope you will find yourselves fired up more than ever to see the backside of the Common Core Machine ASAP! I know I am! What Started This: If you haven’t already, click on the above screen shot to enlarge it. Did you find that shallow? Well, guess … Continue reading WYBI: FEE’s CCSS ‘Opt Out’ Mocking

FOM: Trying to Turn the Tide to CCSS

Just released from the Common Core Standards laden group, Foundation for Excellence in Education, is a report titled (and this is NO joke) “Turn and Face the Strain”. The report is a true ‘gloom, doom, and we’ll all perish UNLESS we adhere to FEE’s way of aligning education’..This one’s going to be good, so, let’s … Continue reading FOM: Trying to Turn the Tide to CCSS

Fib-o-Meter Friday: State Superintendents & Common Core Standards

Chances are your state has an education superintendent. Maybe they are called ‘commissioner’ instead. Regardless of the title, there is one person in charge of an entire state’s education decisions, regulations, etc. However, that one person rarely works alone. Usually an entire team is under his/her authority. Some states have very forthright leaders, and are … Continue reading Fib-o-Meter Friday: State Superintendents & Common Core Standards