ESSA in a Nutshell

Anti CCSS Warriors, the ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act) is meant to be tough. It is meant to embed educational reform as we have never before seen. It was meant to be SO tough, no one would ever truly know the rotten insides lurking underneath the ink. It is full of CCSS, CCR, CTE(Common Core … Continue reading ESSA in a Nutshell

Meet Your New ‘Neighbor’: ESSA, Seriously!

Being a great neighbor is a privilege. But what do you do when your new neighbor is a portion of the Every Student Succeeds Act{ESSA}?! Hang on, anti CCSS Warriors, the information  you are about to read may cause shock! The Language: We all know the ESSA is over 1,000 pages and its ink was … Continue reading Meet Your New ‘Neighbor’: ESSA, Seriously!

Know Thy Neighbor

How a simple letter hid an entire agenda.

Whoa, Neighbor!

How a simple letter hid an entire agenda.

It Isn’t All Sunshine And Nuts

Anti Fed Ed Warriors, in my last article, I shared with you how HR 62 would make a grab for our babies from a federal level. Included in that article was how MN is struggling to keep parents in control of their families. The article before that,  I  showed you how FEPA (Foundations for Evidence-based … Continue reading It Isn’t All Sunshine And Nuts

Educratic Money 2019

Warriors, the time I’m asking you to spend is more than likely the most important thing you can do for your country.