Eager Beavers

When will our States ever get the message: We the PEOPLE do not want cookie cutter education?!

Have You Heard?

ESSA’s language and mandates gave the U.S. Dept. of HHS more ‘jurisdiction’ in education. Meet some ‘new’ players in education reform.

Trickery Gets Education Nowhere

Congress has no clue, or doesn’t care, that NO federal intrustion into education should be happening!!

FTF: A Chip off The Education Block

Anti CCSS Warriors, we have another education reform ‘wannabe’. Consider it a chip off the old CCSS Machine’s block.. What AM I talking about?! “Micro Schools”, of course! If you haven’t heard of them, that’s okay, I recently discovered these schools, too. One other question we will address is how this ties back to the … Continue reading FTF: A Chip off The Education Block