Applied Pressure

The pressure’s on to align us all, we MUST fight back and take the air out of the CCSS Machine’s tires, so to speak. 


“The Prudence Files, Part Two”

Welcome back, Anti Fed Ed Warriors, it’s Part Two of my look at the 2020 Presidential race. In Part One, you not only got a feel for how I am putting the series together, but a close up look at the Senators running for the Oval Office.  Today, the close up is on  Representatives (and … Continue reading “The Prudence Files, Part Two”

“The Prudence Files, Part One”

It’s teamwork we need and teamwork is how we work best when arming Warriors against federal education intrusions.

The Con Jobs Live On?

Join me; join the others who are seeking justice in its true sense for our education system.

The Other “Dear Colleague” Letter

We must be watchful of these, especially considering the current Administration’s push for creating jobs, boosting the economy, and school choice.

“In Alignment We Trust”

Congress is being a great megaphone for the CCSS Machine. They are not alone.

Silent Partners

Would you know who is huddling in the background of the ESSA/CCSS reform?!

Weekend News: Heads Up, Higher Ed CTE Update

This Weekend News is an update to the continued Common Core/Career Tech Education/Aligned Apprentices efforts our post secondary students are facing. What can we do to fight this? How can we inform others? Read on, my fighters!! A White House “Fact Sheet”: Dated September 9th, 2015, this news release gives us several key pieces to the … Continue reading Weekend News: Heads Up, Higher Ed CTE Update