FOM: CCSS, Aspen, and You

Hi Anti CC Warriors! Back in June 2015, I published a ‘tell all’ article about Sen. Lamar Alexander, the CCSS Machine, the re-authorization of the HEA (Higher Education Act), and how Common Core, along with Career Tech Education, is involved. So, since the Senator publicly stated the HEA was next in being ‘next’ on the … Continue reading FOM: CCSS, Aspen, and You

Educratic Semantics: “Competence”

Warriors, with the process for the HEA heating up before Sen. Lamar Alexander retires, we have got to inform our representatives and senators about what they are supporting and trying to further.

My State In The W_ _ _ d

An in-depth, information packed article. Take your time in reading and researching what’s in your State. It’s imperative!

The Warrior’s Accoutrements

When all forces appear to be against us, we have information.
Information + power!

Bridges and Ladders

Seeing so many leaders in American education move us away from independence and freedom is not only un-American, it’s criminal!

FOM: Post Secondary Ed: The CCSS Trojan

Over the past months, we anti CCSS warriors, have learned so much in fighting Common Core. We’ve learned that Common Core has a wide array of names it can be linked to (or often times, be used in place of “Common Core”). Today’s special “Fib-o-Meter” will be devoted to the the groups/efforts and evidence concerning … Continue reading FOM: Post Secondary Ed: The CCSS Trojan

WYBI: Sen. Alexander, the HEA, and Next America

Sen. Alexander has been a huge supporter of aligning education for quite some time, especially where CCSS?CTE are concerned. He’s presently rewriting both the HR5 AND the HEA legislation which will impact (and align) everyone from K-College. Mr. Mitchell, with the U.S. Dept. of Ed has also been at work (quietly) on 5 agenda driven … Continue reading WYBI: Sen. Alexander, the HEA, and Next America

Tech Thursday: Career Tech Education (Federal Style) Update

If I were to say “federal Career Tech Education”, would you believe it? What if I could show you Career Tech Education is the Adult Common Core? If you’ve followed my blog for long, you know I’ve pointed the connections out between K-12 Common Core and post-secondary Common Core (aka ‘Career Clusters’, ‘Career Pathways’, ‘American … Continue reading Tech Thursday: Career Tech Education (Federal Style) Update