Educratic Semantics: “Competence”

Warriors, with the process for the HEA heating up before Sen. Lamar Alexander retires, we have got to inform our representatives and senators about what they are supporting and trying to further.

Ed’s Money Pit Effect

It’s time to put DC on notice for 2019. We must, it’s our citizen’s duty as well as our patriotic responsibility.

By Association

The march toward globally united education is narrowing its circle around us.

US Ed’s Global Shakedown

We have a big road ahead in 2018. We’ll need all the truth we can amass to continue our mission of protecting our nation and its citizens from the educational assault.

First of Its Kind

To be as ready as we can be for the 2017-18 school year, Warriors, we’ve got work to do!

Why Have Goals?

Local education should be OF the people, BY the people, and, FOR the people.