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The march to global citizenry is in full swing, so just what can we do to stop it?


The Fan’s Been Hit

Ready to ‘flush’ some ed reformers?!

FTF: Measure Twice, Cut Once

Repeatedly, you have read my researched articles verifying CCSS, CTE, STEM, and all the other names of the programs, resources, or standards “Common Core” goes with. For today’s “From the Files”, I’ll show you how MORE private companies are measuring education, not once, but twice. Their aspirations? In my researched opinion, to have cookie cutter … Continue reading FTF: Measure Twice, Cut Once

Tech Thursday: Educause’s Higher Education Project

Have you heard of Educause before? Did you know it has deep roots into Common Core? Would it surprise you to know they are fast and furiously working on a project targeting higher education? Well, my friends..sit back and get a brief overview of all of the above. Educause, proud to be CC aligned: The … Continue reading Tech Thursday: Educause’s Higher Education Project

WYBI Wednesday: National Center for Post Secondary Research and CCSS

It’s “Would You Believe It Wednesday” and I cannot think of a better follow up for this week’s “From the File Tuesday” about SHEEO, the CCSSO, and CCSS than today’s eye-opener of a research paper by the NCPSR (National Center for Post Secondary Research) describing in detail the purposed implementation of CCSS!! In our above … Continue reading WYBI Wednesday: National Center for Post Secondary Research and CCSS

FTF Tuesday: Meet SHEEO

We all love a great discovery, don’t we? Especially in finding out about how far and wide the net is cast across our nation when it comes to Common Core. Today, you won’t be disappointed. We’re going to be finding out about SHEEO, The States Higher Education Executive Officers Organization. They are regular partners with … Continue reading FTF Tuesday: Meet SHEEO