This is Our Choice?!

From ND to TX and around the globe: the 21st Century skill based education is UNdeniable.

The Gift That Keeps Aligning

ESSA: The Gift for the Gifted Learners?

Ready or Not…

College/Career Readiness, the ‘new’ Common Core..and the new ESSA..and the goal of ESSA..and to be continued in the HEA.

Turn the CCSS Page, Please

Huge news for the Anti CCSS Warriors!! This article is sure to be a game changer and head turner for sure.

ESSA Aligners

Want the latest on the activities of those involved in the State and Local ESSA Implementation Network?! Here it is!

Monday Musings: More than Meets the Eye

If you are fighting the data collection that accompanies the CCSS Machine’s overreach into our educational systems, its leaders, its students, then you will want to be sure to reach today’s “Monday Musings”. As you may know (or maybe you didn’t know), I am a huge college football fan. As such, I try to take … Continue reading Monday Musings: More than Meets the Eye