Sic’ ‘Em Saturday: On the Road for Anti CCSS

Hi Readers! Today I’m out in the field ,so to speak, fighting Common Core. So, as to not leave you in a lurk about what’s up, you can join me on my “Common Core Diva” Twitter account for all the updates.

We can chat about what’s up and how you can use what I’m learning in your state!

To find me on Twitter as the Diva, simply type in the search bar (if you don’t already follow me) “CommonCoreDiva” OR you can just use the @commoncorediva in your status bar.

In the meantime, or if I don’t get to chat with you, please note that you won’t want to miss my “Riddle Me This” Sunday (3/8/15) article. I will be delving into Common Core and special needs. I was appalled when I discovered the “Presence Learning” presentations for “Agents of Change”. Especially for these most unique and wonderfully made students. These ‘agents’ include social emotional learning, collaboration, culture change, and more.

Presence Learning has a whole new grasp on Tier II students and CCSS. You won’t want to miss this!



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